Freedom Ride

From August 14th thru August 21st, 40 selected middle and high-school students, from the Metro Detroit area, will take an educational trip on the 2017 Freedom Ride. This "ride" will tour various historical civil rights sites in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, & Washington D.C.. The "Freedom Riders" (students) will be from various racial, ethnic, religious, & socio-economic backgrounds, and will be given activities to not only learn about the civil rights movement, but learn about each other as well. 



Now accepting applications for the 2017 Freedom Ride. Deadline for applications must be received postmarked by July 7th, 2017. 


Tour Itenerary

The Freedom Ride will take students to various historical civil rights sites through out the U.S. 



We are currently accepting donations for the 2017 Freedom Ride from corporations & organizations. Download sponsor packet.

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