Standing Committees


Responsible for recruitment and orientation of new members, maintaining current list of financial members, and sending payment notices to all non current members.

Budget and Finance

Responsible for preparing the annual budget, supervision of expended funds, working with committees on assessing financial needs, and making recommendations on financial policy.

Marketing and Public Relations

Promote the concerns of the organization through distribution of news through the local media including website preparation and maintenance. Church & Synagogue sub-committee maintains records of all religious institutions in the community and communicates Task Force activities to them.

Annual MLK Walk Celebration

Organize the annual Peace Walk and Pavilion Program according to the organization’s theme. Coordinate with the City of Southfield for use of facilities and personnel, and the schools for youth participation. Facilitate Adult and Youth Service recognition awards.


Keep historical records of the organization and its members and prepare displays for the organizations functions and activities.

Budget and Finance

Prepare the annual budget for the organization and supervise expended funds.

Publicity and Public Relations

Document and publicize special concerns, activities and events of the organization.

International Relations Committee

Promoting activities and programs that reach beyond our countries borders. The Task Force is currently developing new partnerships as a result of our activities with the Pathways to Freedom Exhibit. 

Youth Peacemakers

Promote community involvement and leadership to the students in our community.

Education & Scholarships

Identify and develop educational programs following the purposes and mission of the organization. Form and maintain a Speaker’s Bureau, hold an annual student essay contest, and sponsor and support the Youth Peacemakers. Set the criteria for disbursement of funds raised and set aside for scholarships; solicit, identify and evaluate applicants.


Plan and organize activities to generate funds to operate organization programs. Includes fundraisers, annual MLK button sales, and Peace Walk Souvenir Booklet.


Develop a volunteer program to nurture and sustain volunteerism and to help surface volunteer activities. Manage table/booth program and obtain ushers for the Peace Walk program. Manage Youth Community Service Awards.

Grant Writing

Research special funding sources and prepare grant requests to obtain funds for special projects.


Maintain website with ongoing and updated activities of the organization and membership and contact information.

Education Committee

Identify and develop educational programs following the purposes and missions of the organization.