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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr . Taskforce 
2025 Adult Community Service Award

N o m i n a t i o n F o r m 

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Service Award is presented annually as part of the MLK Holiday Celebration in Southfield. The MLK Task Force is currently seeking nominations for the person who best meets the following criteria. Please note: past recipients (listed at right) are not eligible.
Nominees Must Be:
1. Southfield or Lathrup Village resident (or employed in either community) that is at least 18 years of age.
2. Dedicated to serving the needs of humanity through demonstrated
efforts in the community.
3. Instrumental in the advancement of human and civil rights.
4. Someone who has demonstrated, through his or her own life and work, the values espoused by the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

To nominate someone, please tell us something about the person you are nominating including the reason you feel s/he has earned the Community Service Award.

2025 Adult Community Service Award 

Past Service Award Winners
1988 Katharine Schelbe
1989 Dr. Willliam Anderson
1990 Dr. Louise Reid-Ritchie
1991 Judge Stephen Cooper
1992 Irma B. Cooper
1993 Comm. Eric Coleman
1994 Susie M. Hunt
1995 Rev. Mark Jenson
1996 Anne Harp
1997 Barbara E. Talley
1998 Lawrence R. Pernick
1999 Robert Block
2000 Lillian Jaffe-Oaks
2001 Chief Joseph Thomas
2002 Gerald Kuhn
2003 Alan Feuer
2004 Dr. Cecil Rice
2005 Priscilla Lamb
2006 Roy Bell
2007 Felix Seldon
2008 Dr. Karl Gregory
2009 No Recipient Awarded
2010 Barbara Seldon
2011 Ashley N. Thomas
2012 Rev. Angelo Henderson
2013 Patrick Coleman
2014 Herman Sherline
2015 Cherryl Thames
2016 Delores Flagg
2017 Rev. Joan C. Ross
2018 Rosemerry D. Allen
2019 Patricia Haynie
2020 Millie K. Hall
2021 Darla Van Hoey
2022 Richard Smart, III
2023 Bennie White, Jr. Ethiopia Israel
2024 Brenda Lawerence 

"I nominate 

for the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Task Force Community Service Award because 

Include the following Information: 

  1. Submitted By
    2. Address 
    3. Phone Number

For more information, call Committee Chair Dorothy Dean at (248-790-0531) 

Nomination Deadline November 30, 2024

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Thanks for submitting!

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