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Join the Movement for Equality and Diversity

As a member of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Task Force, you’ll have the opportunity to actively participate in dynamic initiatives aimed at creating positive change in our community. From youth empowerment and advocacy to community outreach and awareness campaigns, our membership offers endless opportunities to make a difference. Our virtual meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m., and we encourage all members to actively participate and share their ideas and opinions. Together, we can make a world of difference.

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Corporate Sponsorship

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As a non-profit organization, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Task Force is devoted to utilizing community resources and the generosity of corporate sponsors to help achieve our mission. Our organization has been a driving force behind the social justice initiatives in our community for years, aiming to empower and uplift those who are underprivileged. Our work is grounded in the same principles of strength, love and tenacity that Dr. King himself embodied.

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