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Youth Leadership Program 

The Youth Leadership Program, component of the Education Committee, completed its year-long Non-Violence seminars, dialogues, and workshops. The King Center, Atlanta, GA, provided Dr. MLK, Jr. certified Non- Violence trainers to conduct a workshop. Attendees received Certificates of Attendance from the King Center.   Later a “Take a Stand Against Bullying” workshop was conducted. Our 2023 workshop was "Presentation is Your Brand"


Several members of the International Relations and Programs Committee attended the 2019 Convention of the Black Towns of Mexico held in Mexico City. The goal is to prepare for the 2020 census when this population will be counted for the first time in history! 

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  • Youth workshops structured around leadership, responsibility, diversity and Nonviolence training

  • Quarterly Round Table discussions

  • Volunteer at least 2 hours in community service

  • Attend further level of non-violence classes

  • Assist in planning and participating in the annual MLK Celebration

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